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Magic villages: fantasy corner in Colombia

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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Barichara was built in stone, in Santander / Photo: Flickr user Nataliagoca.

Barichara was built in stone, in Santander / Photo: Flickr user Nataliagoca.

Colombia is the child of Spanish settlers, Africans and indigenous communities. Each of them left its stamp on the buildings of its time, making a magic that revives the past and casts the mind back to times and places it has never dreamt of before.

Cobbled streets wind their way through the Spanish-colonial white-walled, clay-tiled houses to chapels and massive churches, as the living testimony of the Spaniards who trot on Colombian soil and were bewitched by the exuberance and abundance of Nature around them.

Each of these little villages stands in a shroud of fantasy, a dreamland of chattering fauna and riotous. Many of the great legends of yesteryear started from such places and enchanted the settlers whose imagination today turns to the land of El Dorado and the gods of the indigenous muiscas.

In Colombia´s magic villages you will find the architecture, culture and myth of the region all together.

Cultural diversity jeans that the visitor can enjoy more than an amazingly wide range of music, crafts and good food but also warm hospitality that varies in content from region to region. The color of the skin and the accent or tone of voice will vary from place to place: but it is one single country that welcomes you.

So, allow these magic villages, so full of energy and history, to bewitch you too. It´s a feeling that strikes you in a flash, come round a bend in the road and there stands … the village.

Discover the mysticism of these magic lands!!




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