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Fairs and Festivals in the Coffee Cultural Landscape

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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Yipao parade and contest in Calarcá.

Yipao parade and contest in Calarcá.

The great fairs and festivals of the Coffee Cultural Landscape center on regional cultural traditions, religious beliefs, trades and some elements of nature that are Basic to the local economy.

The Coffee Cultural Landscape is an area that has `reserved deep-rooted customs, the legacy of the mule-drivers and the peasant farmers, but also the magic of the little roads that lose themselves in the shimmering heat of the hills and the coffee plantations.

These are some of the most important of them:


  • Holy Week: April / May (Pereira)
  • Foundation Festival: August (Pereira)
  • Harvest Festival: August / September (Pereira)
  • Araucarias Festival: October (Santa Rosa de Cabal)
  • National Horse Show: October (Belén de Umbría)
  • Coal Festival, November (Quinchía)


  • Wax Palm Festival , January  (Salento)
  • Foundation Festival, March (Buenavista)
  • Bamboo Festival, Feasts of the Return: April (Córdoba)
  • Miss Coffee contest, Yipao parade, Culture Week: June (Calarcá)
  • Baskets Festival: June (Filandia)
  • Foundation Festival; August (Quimbaya)
  • Candle and torchlight contest: December (Quimbaya)
  • Foundation Festival: August (Circasia)
  • Miss Chapolera contest, International Air Festival, Horse Fair: October (Armenia)
  • Foundation Festival: October (Montenegro)


  • Devils´ Carnival: January (Riosucio)
  • Martial Bands Festival: June (La Dorada)
  • Virgen del Carmen: July (La Dorada)
  • Corazón de Colombia Festivals: October (La Dorada)
  • Miss Coffee International contest, National Folklore Festival, Bullfighting, Troubadours Festival, National Crafts Market. January (Manizales)
  • Horse Show: March (Manizales)
  • International Theater Festival: August / September (Manizales)


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