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Chef Franco Basile will promote Destino Paraíso in his gastronomy section

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Chef Franco Basile has won the affection and acknowledgement of many viewers who follow his c show on the cooking section of the noon RCN news broadcast, where every day he shows the preparation of a recipe with local ingredients.

As a guest of the Corporación Destino Paraíso and with the backing of the Sociedad Hotelera de Cartagena, this important chef, adviser .and manager of gastronomical subjects, will visit the municipalities that make up Destino Paraíso from October 20 to 23, 2009, for the purpose of filming ten shows.

Also, on October 23, he will conduct a practical workshop on décor and presentation of food for tourism business people at the Hacienda Casa Grande El Oriente de Palmira.

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Valle Regional Cuisine

The recipes prepared by Chef Franco Basile beside their creators will be the winners and finalists in the Route of the Flavors of María gastronomical contest.

The first contest was held in March, 2009, among the restaurant and lodging entrepreneurs that make up the tourism offer of Destino Paraíso; that is, the municipalities of Palmira, El Cerrito, Ginebra, Guacarí, and Buga.

From locations such as the Sugar Cane Museum – Hacienda Piedechinche in Cerrito; the Nirvana Natural Reserve and Los Alpes Hostel House in Palmira; Los Guaduales Restaurant in Ginebra; and El Rancho de Margoth Restaurant in Guacarí, we will take delight in the following dishes:

  • Sancocho del Destino Paraíso (a stew),
  • Tamal del Samán (tamale named after a local tree),
  • Atollado Vegetariano (rice and vegetables),
  • Fríjoles Verdes frutos del Paraíso (a dish based on green beans),
  • Cazuela de Menudencias (offal casserole),
  • Fiambre,
  • Tentempié de María (a snack),
  • Arroz Marinero (seafood rice),
  • Trucha Nirvana (trout),
  • Desayuno El Porvenir (a breakfast).

By means of an exquisite tour of Valle del Cauca gastronomy in the company of this charismatic, amusing chef, national television will promote many of the quality tourist attractions and services offered by the department of Valle del Cauca.


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