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Activities in the Colombian Amazon Jungle

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Victorias Regias

Victoria Regia lilies in the Colombian Amazon Jungle

  • Visit to the Huitoto community: The culture and rituals of the Huitoto Indians can be observed in one of their communities, located just seven kilometers by boat from Leticia.
  • Tour of Monkey Island: Only 40 minutes from Leticia on the Amazon River, this is a 450-hectare site devoted to nature.
  • Tour of the Amacayacu National Natural Park: The Park is located two hours from Leticia by boat on the Amazon River. Visitors can interact with nature in this 293,500-hectare park by walking on paths that wind through enormous trees.
  • Visit to Puerto Nariño: This town is located just 80 km from Leticia on the Loretoyacu River. Due to its natural beauty and picturesque buildings, it is known as the “Colombian Nativity Scene”.
  • Navegation of lakes and affluents
  • Fauna and flora appreciation: Victoria Regia lilies, pink dolphins, and pirarucú fish stand out.
  • Visita to Tabatinga: a Brazilian city on the border with Colombia.
General guide: Amazon Jungle: A Voyage into the Soul of the Earth


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