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Nuquí: amid whales and fishermen

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In Nuquí, several black men loaded with fishing nets and hooks, cross the irreverent waters of the Pacific Ocean in their fragile canoes. Others, with faster and more powerful boats, take tourists to the beach of Terquito.

The Amor and Folker waterfalls, the trips up the Terco and Jovi rivers, and the thermal baths located fifty minutes from the beach, are magical places where the magnificent jungle scenery and the solitude guarantee an unforgettable experience for lovers of ecotourism.

And expert and novice divers can explore submarine platform to watch one of the liveliest places in the Pacific. Multi-colored coral, shoals of fish, and sea turtles abound. And, as in other areas of the Colombian Pacific, humpbacked whales and dolphins stop by to mate or have their offspring.

Nuquí is the location chosen by whales for their mating ritual

As memorable as the sight of the whales is the surf. The Pacific Ocean is world known for the quality of its waves, and Nuquí is close to good beaches for all levels of surfing expertise. Pico de Loro, Pela Pela, Juan Tornillo and El Derrumbe offer the largest most powerful waves.

Sports fishing is another great attraction. The Pacific has rich marine life rife with several species of dorado, flying fish, blue marlins, swordfish, bravo, tuna, and red snapper, among others. The first months of the year are the best season for fishing, with the peak occurring between May and June.

Marine and terrestrial mammals, sea and land birds, coral, an abundance of large fish, plants, trees, insects and reptiles, make Nuquí a paradise for lovers of nature, ornithologists, divers, hikers, artists, or simply for those who wish to get away from bustle of the city.

How to get there

By plane, from Medellín and Bogotá.

When in Nuquí, enjoy:

Map of Nuquí


Calle 28A Nº 13A-15 Piso 36

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Fondo de Promoción Turistica PROCOLOMBIA

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