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New Airline Service from New York to Pereira

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afiche-cafe-inglesIt will be easier for U.S. travelers to experience the most delicate, smoothest coffee in the world and enjoy the city that inspired a Nobel Prize in Literature laureate to write his famous novels once the connecting Avianca flight between New York, Cartagena and Pereira starts operations on July 17th.

Officially, the first flight takes off on July 17th and the demand among tourists has been so high that the first three months are totally booked. The flight will depart at 7:00 a.m. from New York and, after an estimated arrival time of less than five hours, it will land in Cartagena for a stopover and then continue to Pereira.

According to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, the U.S. is the main tourism point of origin to Colombia; during 2013 the country welcomed 319,202 U.S. travelers based on information published by the Immigration Department of Colombia, a figure equivalent to nearly 20 percent of the total international tourists visiting domestic destinations for that period.

Colombia’s wide, enticing tourist destinations give visitors multiple options for their enjoyment, ranging from exploring new venues and relaxation destinations to history, cultural, and romance tourism, even health tourism.

The ever growing number of flights connecting the US and Colombia makes visiting this captivating South American country all the easier. A total of 868 direct international flights arrive in Colombia, of which 206 depart from the U.S.

This new flight will directly connect travelers from New York and its neighboring area to the Cultural Coffee Landscape in the country to experience the unique features of this Colombian region," said the President of Proexport Colombia, Maria Claudia Lacouture.

Some of the unique experiences Colombia offers to the world and promoted by Proexport Colombia through the “Colombia Is Magical Realism” campaign were showcased in New York over the past few days during the exhibition hosted by award-winning travel writer and photographer Christopher Baker. In 2012 Baker published the travel guide “National Geographic Traveler: Colombia”.

Baker’s work takes travelers through the most renowned vast and varied landscapes around the country that travelers headed to Colombia should not miss.

Proexport Colombia promotes international tourism in Colombia and supports the arrival of new players along with the opening of new air routes to expand the range of connections offered by airlines to link different domestic destinations and strategic markets like the US.


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