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“Online Savvy”: Colombia’s travel application

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celDuring 2013, around 87 countries in the Americas, Asia and Europe had the opportunity to see the unique and amazing experiences that PROCOLOMBIA had created in order to win the hearts of international travelers. Some of the channels that were used to promote these efforts include traditional outlets such as trade shows, media platforms and presentations, as well as more innovative channels like social networks, digital applications and QR codes.

The new app, launched almost a year ago, shows Colombia’s magical realism and how reality and fantasy fuse within the different regions of the country. The app is divided in 350 tourist proposals from 17 destinations with access to a directory of 2,100 services, hotels and restaurants.

With this strategy, Colombia attempts to reach modern tourists, who use the new technologies to plan their travels and share their experiences. The app shows users information on nature, adventure, wellness, culture and “sun and beach” tourism as well as sub products such as bird-watching, venues and shopping.

The evolution of promoting tourism has not been limited to just delivering the message, but it has also reached other so-called "new media" in order to meet the demands of modern travelers who increasingly seek information, ask for advice, make decisions and make some or all logistical arrangements for their international trips through their Smartphones.

The "Colombia is Magical Realism" campaign, in addition to being active in traditional media such as print and T.V.,  is also widely used in the most visited portals, landing pages and online tourism blogs and in several of today’s popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, and others.

PROCOLOMBIA’s bet to go digital this year has gone far and beyond by getting closer to people’s everyday lives at airports, bus stops, and magazines with tools such as QR codes that, when activated through Smartphones, can provide a multi-sensory experience with sounds, images and videos.

Finally, in order to win over the "online savvy", the smartphone application is now available in the Apple App Store in Google Store and Blackberry World; at the fingertips of the foreign visitors to lead them on a tour through the amazing and unforgettable experiences in the country. To date, more than 25,000 people in Argentina, China, Chile, Spain, France and Mexico have downloaded the app. The interactive app is seeking to gain popularity in other markets such as the Caribbean.




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