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Unique Nature and Adventure Experiences in the South

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leisure-tourismcaribemarpic06Tayrona National Natural Park: One of the most talked about destinations in the country, Tayrona is located half an hour away from Santa Marta, where the Sierra Nevada meets the sea and a complex system of coves and rocky cliffs emerge creating the Tayrona landscape. The park has amongst the most picturesque beaches, camping grounds and a unique vegetation and sun/sand combination.

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Cocora Valley, Coffee Cultural Landscape Picture Dr. Seuss The Lorax forest and encounter the breathtaking Valle de Cocora, with its tall wax palm trees and a magical scenario that merges to create an inspiring sight. Colombia’s national trees are the wax palms, which are also the tallest palms in the world. One of the most talked about places by CT Bloggers.

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Amazon Jungle:  One of Colombia’s most valuable treasures, the Amazon Jungle is a place to have a close encounter with nature. Leticia, the capital of the amazon region, is a small hospitable city and one of the most visited places for nature travellers; you can also visit the Monkey Island, which as its name suggests, is home to a huge population of apes, a place to climb trees, enjoy bird watching and immerse in the most important jungle in the world.

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