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Pacific Rainforest coast: a colombian Sun and Beach Destination

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Beach on the Pacific /Pic.

Beach on the Pacific Rainforest /Pic. anthrotect

This is one of the most humid areas on the planet, as well as one of the most biodiverse. Those who want to enjoy a respite from the pace of the modern world will find ideal spots hidden in small bays and fine-sanded beaches surrounded by tropical vegetation at its very best.

The quiet beaches, lined by the Chocó virgin jungle and the Pacific Ocean, are one of the area’s main attractions. All the beaches are crossed by streams of clear water that contribute to the perfect atmosphere for relaxing far from the crowds and shopping of mass beach destinations.The marine fauna and flora of the Pacific constitute a universe that combines wealth and diversity in an exceptional way.

Juanchaco and Ladrilleros

Rushing rivers flow into the ocean in the southern part of Colombia’s Pacific Rainforest Coast. There are quite a number of villages where fishermen live near mangrove swamps and work to the rhythm of marimbas and drums.

There are large beaches between the port of Buenaventura and Bahía Málaga, among them, Juanchaco and Ladrilleros, both with a good tourist infrastructure.

Terquito Beach

By protecting the roots passed on for generations, they preserve the dances, the music, and the warmth of their people./Pic.

By protecting the roots passed on for generations, they preserve the dances, the music, and the warmth of their people. /Pic. pe5pe

This is a small 600-meter beach located southwest of Nuquí. It is crossed by the waters of the Cascada del Amor Waterfall, located in the jungle about 50 meters inland. Visitors can learn or practice surfing and kayaking.

A special sight for all is the show put on by thousands of red crabs walking in gigantic groups while long lines of pelicans fly above.

Guachadito Beach

This lovely beach, one of the best in the region, is located between two streams of crystal-clear water.

With its peaceful atmosphere and nature untouched by civilization, it is an invitation to visitors who want to get away from the speed and fatigue of our times.

Boca Vieja Beach

This small paradise can only be reached by boat. It is a virtually virgin beach that can only be visited during low tide.Added attractions are two waterfalls in the midst of the wild flora.

Occasionally, monkeys, foxes, and eagles can be seen eating on the beach.

Whales visit the coasts periodically to feed and mate. /Pic.

Whales visit the coasts periodically to feed and mate. /Pic. eloscar2008

Terco Beach

This is a small 500-meter beach to visit during low tide. In the middle of the beach, a coconut palm grows on a solitary rock. All visitors want their picture taken here.The sea is ideal for left wave surfing in January and February.

Termales Beach

This is a 5-kilometer beach crossed by several rivers and streams and is ideal for walking during low tide.

It has several hot springs. Immersion in warm water in the midst of the rainforest is an unforgettable experience.

Verde Beach

This is the remotest beach, as well as the most recommended one. It can be reached only by boat after a one-hour trip.

The green sand and the waterfall, just a three minute walk away, make this a must stop for nature lovers.

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