The Manizales Carnival: Start the year with a great celebration!

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Every year, during the first week in January, Manizales amazes all with a display of culture and art activities, in addition to the bullfighting season and the International Coffee Pageant that attract a large number of visitors.

City of open doors

Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Horseback parade, Manizales Fair/ Photo by Flickr user -->>©hEnggY's LiGHT<<--

Horseback parade, Manizales Fair/ Photo by Flickr user >©hEnggY's LiGHT>©hEnggY's LiGHT<<--

In the department of Caldas, the charm of Manizales, a city renowned for its natural attractions, scenery, monuments, and ecological parks, is evident everywhere. At this time, it is also recognized for its feasts and one of the most representative celebrations in the region: The Manizales Fair.

Since 1951, the capital of the department of Caldas opens its doors wide open to celebrate the traditional Manizales Fair.

Since 1951, the capital of the department opens its doors for the celebration of this traditional festivity that originated in the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the city, in the style of the Seville Fair in Spain. Today, it is part of the National Cultural Heritage.

For seven days, participants enjoy horseback parades, cultural expressions, music, folklore, dance, parades, ballet, recitals, concerts, exhibits, sports events, and artisan showcases that reveal the idiosyncrasy and traditions of the region’s inhabitants.

For Fiesta Brava lovers

The Fiesta Brava, or bullfighting, gathers the greatest exponents of the art to offer the world an exciting show.

One of the greatest attractions is the Fiesta Brava, where the greatest bullfighters in the world offer an exciting show to a passionate, demanding public.

Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Fiesta Brava – Bullfighting / Photo by Newspaper La Patria, Manizales

Fiesta Brava – Bullfighting / Photo by Newspaper La Patria, Manizales

This is one of the country’s most important bullfighting seasons. The best nationally and internationally acknowledged bullfighting cattle is taken to the ring by the name of the Monumental Plaza de Toros de Manizales.

The fervor of the Fiesta Brava invades the ring, and the hearts of fans shout Olé! in unison.

International Coffee Pageant

Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Colombian coffee

Colombian coffee

The International Coffee Pageant is one of the most recognized pageants in America. Beautiful women, representing over 30 coffee producing and consuming countries, participate to celebrate the third most popular beverage in the world, after water and tea.

Together with the bullfighting season, the pageant is one of the Fair’s most awaited events. It congregates a large number of spectators – between citizens and tourists – who gather in the streets to wave to the contestants during the parades and masquerades.

The International Coffee Pageant positions Colombia as the producer of the world's mildest and most aromatic coffee.

Activities for all tastes

The schedule brings attracts tourists and Manizales residents around a grand celebration that proclaims the event as one of the most cherished and remembered in the whole country.

Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Fireworks / Photo: Flickr user Maradentro_

Fireworks / Photo: Flickr user Maradentro_

The following are among the most representative activities:

Reading of the Proclamation
This is the fair’s inaugural event.
Parade of the Carretas del Rocío – the Dew Wagons
This is where the city meets the contestants to the International Coffee Pageant; they tour the city on floats, dressed in Sevillian attire.
Parade of Nations
This is the fair’s central parade, with the participation of contestants wearing the typical attire of the countries they represent, tunas (university student bands), and the city’s martial bands.
Parade of the Wagons and the Virgen de la Macarena
The likeness of the Virgin of la Macarena – the bullfighters’ patron saint - tours the city and arrives at the bullring to open the bullfighting season.
Tango Vía
Presentations of tango dancers
National Handicrafts Exhibit
An important sample of the region’s artisan products is displayed.
Live presentations of groups of tropical music and other genres such as rock and pop in Spanish.

Oh, Manizales of my soul
Oh, Manizales of fantasy
With the sapphires of your soul
You embroider a dream with offerings.

Oh, Manizales of silver
Oh, Manizales of ermine
Attach the necklace of your affection
To your mother-of-pearl neck.

Lyrics by Guillermo González Music by Juan Mari Asins

For additional information, please visit the official portal of the Manizales Fair.


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