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Rafting on the waters of Santander

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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Canoeing on the Fonce / Photo: Flickr user Nataliagoca.

Canoeing on the Fonce / Photo: Flickr user Nataliagoca.

From the heights or from the riverbed, the Canyon of Chicamocha brings all kinds of intense sensations.  Those who love water-sports, challenge the furious waters of the river, in their rubber boats, wrestling with rocks on the rapids which are classified in different categories - usually 1-4.  The higher the number, the more complex the challenge.

There are also rapids which are of such a high degree of difficulty that they are classed 5 or 6, and only the most experienced should try to pass through them.  Challenges of this kind can be found not only in the Chicamocha, but also in the Suarez and Fonce, that passes through the town of San Gil, a place which has become one of the most popular meeting-points for adventure-seekers in Colombia.

There is also the is plenty of white water in Santander, perfect for rafting, a sport which seems to have a remote origin in South Africa, and which today is gaining popularity rapidly the quickly in Colombia, especially in Santander, where lovers of the sport are always out to discover some new challenge.


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