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Flying over the Chicamocha Canyon

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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla You can hang-glide over Chicamocha Canyon.

You can hang-glide over Chicamocha Canyon.

There is no set flight-time here, though it may take 10-15 minutes to come down.  And certainly, if one is on the wing, those minutes will fly by like seconds.  With the conditions for a hang gliding, and the dependence on the weather, gliding into Chicamocha must be done in the mornings, and not after midday.

You can take a flying cable over the Chicamocha Nature Park.

And there also, over the canyon, is Chicamocha National Park, Santander, on the ridge of the mountain.  This is a magical place, created by the perseverance of those who conceived it.  And something which for some seemed most improbable is now an enormous creation, and which in addition to offering services of a theme park, is also a tacit ally to the challenge of the canyon, with activities such as the flying cable.


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