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Special Reports

Every week, in the Special Reports section, we will bring you closer to an interesting tourism product:

  • a festival,

  • a handicraft,

  • a special place,

  • a restaurant with delicious food,

  • a truly Colombian custom,

  • an extreme sport,

  • a Colombian dish.

We want you to know more about the magic of Colombia and its astonishing tourism diversity.

Coffee mansions and farmhouses

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Coffee houses - Farmhouses

Some of the attractions of the Coffee Cultural Landscape, aside from the beautiful scenery and hospitality of the local people, buildings which conserve the traditional architecture of the coffee culture, invite visitors to take part in a memorable experience.

Discover the magic of the land of coffee!

Colombia’s carnivals and feasts: eight happy reasons for touring the country

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Colombia carnivals and feasts / Photo by Flickr user ottonassar/

Touring Colombia according to its annual schedule of fairs and feasts is one of the best ways of proving that the people are one of the country’s greatest assets. Every month, in some corner, there are reasons for celebrating and expressing the national cultural heritage by means of a variety of events.

Let's enjoy Colombian festiveness!

A whale of a good time

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Natural Parks of Colombia

A place that can best be described as an altar to nature, offers visitors a chance to experience the Colombian Pacific far from the crowds and package tourism.

By María Claudia Peña/The City Paper for PROCOLOMBIA.


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