You will feel like you stepped back in time. Far from the city, you are so tranquil you are able to fully live, see the stars and become one with nature.

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The Bogota Region and the High Plains of Cundinamarca and Boyacá

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Villa de Leyva/Photograph: Mario Carvajal

Villa de Leyva /Photograph: Mario CarvajalBogota

The city of Bogota is surrounded by a savanna in all directions except the east. The savanna is part of the “altiplano cundiboyacense”, the vast high plains that extend from the city into the departments of Boyacá and Cundinamarca . It offers as lodgings beautiful haciendas, many in the midst of flower plantations. The Boyacá department, on the other hand, has awesome landscapes that thrill the eye. Locals are kind and hospitable people, and their cuisine is delicious. The entire “altiplano” is agricultural land in a cold climate.

Boyacá surprises with its nature, ancient churches, and peaceful villages that rise in the middle of the countryside. Between the capital city of Tunja and the town of Arcabuco, there are five nature classrooms, by the name of Alabanza, desiged to create environmental awareness.

Pleasant and thought-provoking array of colors that give new meaning to the word tranquility

There are goat farms, lakes for sports fishing, camping facilities and guides. Between Duitama and Nobsa, the Puntalarga vineyard will warm your heart while you taste its renowned Marqués de Puntalarga wines. Paipa, on the other hand, is famous for its hot springs, the Sochagota Lake and El Salitre House, a luxurious colonial hacienda that used to belong to the Jesuits. As for the Cabañas El Porton, these are comfortable and traditional lodging facilities that include thirty rooms, two suites and a cabin.

Closer to Bogota, Villeta is known throughout the region for its vocation for producing panela (blocks of unrefined brown sugar made from sugar cane), its temperate climate and its many bathing sites. Not far, near San Antonio del Tequendama, La Libertad Farm and the Santa Cruz Zoo are ideal places for watching domestic and wild animals, and taking pleasant walks.

In the Suesca region, renowned for its imposing rocks, there are integral farms that are open to both students and travelers who want to get involved with Mother Nature. In Cogua, a so-called “experimental village” is home to horses, cows, pigs, geese, ducks and rabbits and offers fishing in a nearby lake.

The Panaca Sabana theme park is located between Briceño and Zipaquirá. Each of its four sections, cattle, porcine, canine and equine, has its own attractions and agricultural shows.

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