You will feel like you stepped back in time. Far from the city, you are so tranquil you are able to fully live, see the stars and become one with nature.

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The Eastern Plains: Extensive Cattle Raising and Wild Nature

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The Eastern Plains / Picture: Kleper

The Eastern Plains / Picture: Kleper

In Colombia, these vast plains, the Llanos Orientales as they are known in Spanish, which go from the foothills of the eastern mountain range of the Colombian Andes to the banks of the Orinoco River, are a land of livestock farming inhabited by cowboys whose sense of freedom echoes the endlessness and gushing rivers of this flat expanse.

The landscape of the region brings together all the conditions of a great rural destination: virtually untouched nature and typical cattle ranches where visitors can take part in the cowboy chores.

Near Villavicencio, on the road to Puerto López, Merecure, considered the biggest agro-ecological park of in South America, summarizes the whole experience. The department of Meta department also possesses private natural reserves where the visitor can become familiar with the eastern plains way of life.

In other words, ranch life with great lodging, horseback riding, dips in the rivers and ponds, birding, excellent typical cuisine and musical evenings to the rhythm of the traditional joropo played by the traditional cuatro (a string instrument) and capachos (similar to maraca shakers).


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