You will feel like you stepped back in time. Far from the city, you are so tranquil you are able to fully live, see the stars and become one with nature.

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Coffee Cultural Landscape: The Secret Formula

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cafetal en el Triángulo del Café /Fotografía: Mario Carvajal

Café /Photografy: Mario Carvajal

The world’s best mild coffee is grown in this region, which has also become a coveted destination for international rural tourism, not only because along with the exquisite brew there is a world renowned successful industry that has Juan Valdez as its symbol, but because its people infuse love, devotion, and great care into every aspect of life.

Living wisely is the secret for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Gently rolling countryside, friendly people, and heavenly, unforgettable aroma

Our coffee stands out because only ripe and healthy cherries are selected, and they are picked by hand. This happens mostly in small, family scale coffee farms. Dehumanized techniques are simply not used. Colombian coffee has the flavor of the people, and getting to knowing them is an unforgettable experience.

Finca cafetera en el Triángulo del Café /Fotografía: Mario Carvajal

Coffee Region /Fotografía: Mario Carvajal

Coffee haciendas in the Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda departments (Coffee Cultural Landscape or Eje cafetero) offer quality lodging while stressing the region’s hospitality and warmth, which by the way, are often expressed in terms of great food.

Walks through the coffee bushes, horseback journeys amidst the sound of waterfalls and singing birds, peaceful times for fishing, mountain bike rides, and trips to the neighboring villages await the visitor. Theme parks such as the Parque del Café and Panaca praise the local culture’s values and offer fun for all ages.

The offer of quality lodging is quite broad, and the interested traveler will find abundant information on this and other websites.

The Hacienda San José, in La Virginia, Risaralda, is a beautiful traditional villa that summarizes the coffee culture very well. It preserves the original architecture, traditional furniture, and decorations.

Orquídeas en el Parque del Café /Fotografía: Mario Carvajal

Café Park /Photografy: Mario Carvajal

Close to Pereira, the Hacienda Malabar is the ideal guest house to stay with the whole family. And close to Marsella, along the road from Pereira, Los Lagos Eco Hotel, is a wonderful place that allows visitors to practically blend with nature.

Also in Marsella, in Villa Martha, visitors will learn all there is to know about coffee processing. On the way to Panaca, in Quindio, El Carriel hacienda has a similar offering in an authentic rural, peaceful environment. The Huerta de Calocho lodges you among vegetable gardens; it is located on the Armenia – Montenegro road, only 10 minutes away from the National Coffee Parka and 20 minutes from the Panaca park.


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