You will feel like you stepped back in time. Far from the city, you are so tranquil you are able to fully live, see the stars and become one with nature.

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Rural Colombia: Love for the Land

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Rural Colombia / Fot. Nino.Mondugno

Rural Colombia / Fot. Nino.Modugno

To get to know Colombia’s countryside, its people, and their customs and hospitality, it is essential to spend a few days in one of the haciendas that have been especially conditioned for those who want to take a break from the hubbub of modern urban life.

This is an invitation to travel across Colombian provinces and capture the aroma of the rural regions.

A generous land that shows travelers the best of its landscapes, its crops, and its friendly people.

Colombians are hospitable people, greeting visitors as friends and sharing the generosity of the land with them. Our country’s rural areas are destinations meant to attract travelers who, in contrast with hurried tourists, really want to know the true character, traditional values, customs and occupations that usually go unnoticed in the cities.

The Café Triangle, Boyacá, Santander and the Llanos Orientales, or Eastern Plains, are regions where rural life still keeps its ancestral authenticity while offering first class lodging services and improving the living conditions in communities thanks to the enterprising and visionary spirit of its inhabitants.

In these regions, culture is not kept in museums and monuments, but constitutes expressions of everyday life and thought: typical music, authentic cuisine, normal work activities and traditional holiday fun in all their splendor and color.


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