In Colombia's natural parks, you begin to truly understand the meaning of biodiversity. Seeing so many life forms is overwhelming.

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Los Estoraques: Fantastic sculptures

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Los Estoraques /Pic.

Los Estoraques /Pic. chilangoco

Los Estoraques Unique Natural Area is located in the department of Norte de Santander, close to the city of Ocaña. It is the ideal place for activities like trekking, hiking, and observation of wild fauna and flora.

Along its paths, it is possible to admire fantastic figures sculpted in reddish stone by centuries of erosion. Columns and pedestals in various shapes evoke mythical atmospheres while creating a fantastic architecture amid hills, mountain crests and streams that are ideal for enjoying refreshing baths.

On account of its exotic, unique, and ghost-like geological formations, this Area is a favorite destination of artists, who are easily inspired by the landscape.


  • The area measures 640 hectares.
  • Its landscape is desert-like and is undergoing an accelerated erosion process.
  • The altitude of Los Estoraques ranges from 1,450 to 1,700 above sea level.
  • Rainfall is below 1,000 mm a year.
  • The long summers extend from January to April and from July to September.
  • Vegetation is that of the dry pre-montane forest. The maximum height of the canopy is ten meters.
  • It is possible to find quite a variety of birds, reptiles, and mammals.

How to get there

  • The trip takes five hours by the Cúcuta-Abrego-La Playa road or the Bucaramanga-Aguachica-Ocaña-La Playa road.
  • The trip is eleven hours on the Bogotá – Aguachica – Ocaña – La Playa road.
  • The trip takes nine hours on the Barranquilla - Aguachica – Ocaña – La Playa road.


  • Los Estoraques is considered a Unique Natural Area of the National Parks System by virtue of its scenic beauty.
  • A series of columns and pedestals created by severe erosion.
  • Archaeological remains in the area of Ocaña, Convención, and El Carmel, with funeral urns and mummies in the areas close to the reserve.
  • Visitors path that allows visitors to admire the natural figures known as El Rey, El Barco, Camino de la Virgen, Paso de las Ánimas, Cueva de la Gringa, La Chorrera and Ciudad Perdida (the King, the boat, the road to the virgin, the pass of the souls, the cave of the gringa, the cascade and lost city, respectively. La Tenería stream, with numerous natural pools and abundant vegetation is located in an area at 1,600 meters above sea level).
  • Above the 1,900 meter line is the Pitirama forest, notable for its humidity and exuberant vegetation.
  • Hikes through the rock formations to observe the insects, amphibians, reptiles, and birds natural to open, semi-desert areas.
Los Estoraques /Pic.

Los Estoraques /Pic. alejandra-garcia


Due to its proximity to the municipality of La Playa and the city of Ocaña, visitors can take one-day tours and lodge in these localities.

There are camping areas.

Access to the park

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Los Estoraques make a part of the great adventure destination Santander. Read more:


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