In Colombia's natural parks, you begin to truly understand the meaning of biodiversity. Seeing so many life forms is overwhelming.

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Natural Parks of the Andean Region

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Los Nevados Park /Pic.

Los Nevados Park /Pic. newbeatle

The Andes, the longest mountain range in the world, enters the country from the south at a mountain knot by the name of Nudo de los Pastos, where it divides into two branches. Further north, in the Colombian Massif, the main hydrographic star in the country, the Andes divide into three branches that cross the country from south to north, generating a rugged topography with heights at 5,300 meters above sea level, large highland plateaus, deep canyons, and wide valleys.

Nature that makes the spirit of the Andes vibrate.

The three branches, crowned by perpetual snow, humid páramos, Andean forests, arid areas and swampy regions, generate a large variety of thermal floors and fertile soils that produce a huge variety of food crops. Most of the population in the country is concentrated in the Andean region.


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