In Colombia's natural parks, you begin to truly understand the meaning of biodiversity. Seeing so many life forms is overwhelming.

Steinar Saeter



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Parks in the Orinoco and Amazon jungle regions

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Orinoquia is a vast region, which extends as far as the river Orinoco on the border with Venezuela. It is a plain that spreads out eastwards from the foothills of the Andes as savannas spotted with clumps and riverine forests. Crossed by numerous creeks and copious rivers, the Orinoquia covers over 230,000 km², equivalent to 20% of the total area of the country.

An immensity that touches the traveler's soul

Amazonia is a seemingly endless plain of 6.8 million km², 400,000 of which belong to Colombia. This immense region, considered the lung of the Earth and one of the largest genetic banks of animal and vegetable species, is inhabited by numerous Indian communities that still preserve their ancestral way of life.


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