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Colombian hand-crafted ceramics

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Colombian hand-crafted ceramics

Colombian hand-crafted ceramics

The word “ceramics” comes from the Greek “keramikos”, which means “burnt material”. Colombian artisans are very skillful at working clay, the raw material of ceramics, molding unique pieces by hand, one by one.

By their Muisca tradition, and as a means for survival, the inhabitants of Boyacá, especially in Ráquira, have worked in ceramics for many years.

Generally, potters use a kiln to fire ceramics

Another municipality noted for its ceramic creations is La Chamba, in the department of Tolima. Potters there specialize in making red and black pieces. The La Chamba potters live from clay and for clay.

The villages near Ráquira and Tinjacá were called ‘villages of potters’ by the Spanish chroniclers for the proliferation and magnificent quality of the ceramics. (BLAA)

Ceramic handicrafts provide a general panorama of Colombian popular culture and the importance of the contributions made by the Muisca Indians and the Spaniards. This is a demonstration of the ethnic-cultural mixing experienced by the country.

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