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Mompox marketplace.

During his trip of agony from Bogotá towards the Caribbean, Simón Bolívar arrived at “the very aristocratic and sorrowful city of Mompox”, according to Gabriel García Marquez’s El general en su laberinto [The General in His Labyrinth]. “Santa Cruz de Mompox – the novel’s narrator tells us – had been a trade bridge between the Caribbean Coast and the interior of the country during colonial times, and that had been the source of its opulence.” According to the narrator’s words in García Márquez’s most historical work, that “stronghold of Creole aristocracy” was the first to proclaim its independence from Spain.

The place occupied by Mompox in Gabriel García Marquez’s literary work is brief, but indelible.

The place occupied by Mompox in Gabriel García Marquez’s literary work is brief, but indelible. It is part of the grand route of the Magdalena River that appears many times in Garciamarquian geography. As emblems of the city, the novel highlights the port, the Iglesia de la Concepción [Church of the Conception], and the Colegio de San Pedro Apóstol [School of the Apostle Saint Peter], “a two-story mansion, with a monastic cloister of ferns and clavellinas and a luminous fruit orchard in back (…).”   The Liberator stayed in one of these rooms on his escape trip towards the death that awaited him at the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino.

Consult the complete texts on Mompox in Las rutas de García Márquez guide, available at the following bookshops: Librería Nacional in Cartagena and Barranquilla and Librería Ábaco in Cartagena.

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