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Grains of coffee, photography: Akatayama

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Production process of Colombian coffee

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Following, we will present in strict order, the production process of Colombian coffee:

Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Harvested coffee beans

Harvested coffee beans

Gathering of coffee cherries:
During this stage, only totally ripe cherries, normally red or yellow, are picked. Green cherries spoil the taste of a cup of coffee. This process is performed entirely by hand.
The same day the berries are gathered, they are subjected to a pulping process, whereby the berry is removed from the bean.
During this part of the process, the beans are allowed to rest.
The remains of mucilage left on the bean are removed and sugars are eliminated with fresh water.
After washing, the beans are exposed to the heat of the sun for their humidity to decrease, thus facilitating their conservation. To make transportation easier, the dried beans are then packed in clean sacks made from sisal. Further on, the thin shell of parchment called pergamino is removed from the bean.
The process comes to an end with the roasting of the coffee. The green bean is subjected to a heat source, and delicious aroma and flavor are generated.


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