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Grains of coffee, photography: Akatayama

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Coffee preparation

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To prepare a good cup of coffee, keep in mind the following three steps:

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Fresh, cold water is very important in the preparation of coffee. The water must be brought to a boil before adding it to the roast, ground coffee, thus allowing the extraction of the substances that characterize the taste of this product. The best temperature for allowing the water to come into contact with the coffee is between 92°C y 96°C; that is, just after it is removed from the heat and boiling comes to a stop.
Because coffee has an important fat content, all elements, utensils, and equipment used in coffee preparation must be washed regularly. The soap used to wash the equipment must be rinsed off completely.
Coffee tastes best when it has just been prepared. Drink it as soon as possible; the flavor of coffee deteriorates when kept for more than one hour. Remember that coffee should never be reheated.


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