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Grains of coffee, photography: Akatayama

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Characteristics of coffee

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Good coffee should be black as night, hot as hell, sweet as love.

In Colombia, the world's largest producer of mild coffee, the importance of coffee is undeniable. A cup of this magical liquid is the perfect pretext to start the day off practically anywhere: on the street, at home, in a cafeteria, on a balcony, in front of a computer, in the garden. And it is perfect for sharing time with friends or taking a break at the office.

Good coffee is like wine – its degustation is like a trip through all the senses.

Four factors must be taken into account when enjoying a cup of coffee. They refer to its main characteristics:

Cup of Colombian coffee

Cup of Colombian coffee /Picture:

Acidity is related to the dryness caused by coffee on the edges of the tongue and the back part of the palate. Without sufficient acidity, the coffee is frequently flat.
To feel the aroma of coffee, we first inhale the vapor that rises from the cup. Just like a wine taster, a good coffee drinker, inhales the aroma before allowing his lips to touch the coffee.
This factor is related to the oils and substances extracted from the beans in the course of their processing and refers to the feeling the coffee leaves in the mouth, its viscosity, weight, and thickness. Coffee should not be too liquid. It should possess a certain body for not running quickly and escaping the surface of the tongue, leaving it velvety. Only then is it possible to fully appreciate the taste of the beverage.
The relation between acidity, aroma, and body gives coffee its taste: caramel, chocolaty, fragrant, fruity, ripe, sweet, almondy, delicate, piquant, etc.


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