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Grains of coffee, photography: Akatayama

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Advice for preparing a good cup of coffee

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To enjoy the full flavor of Colombian coffee, bear in mind the following advice:

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Cup of Colombian coffee /Picture.

Use clean utensils.
Replace cloth filters every two weeks. Boil new filters in water before the first use.
Agua y café:
Use pure water and fresh coffee.
Use one level tablespoon of coffee for each demitasse-size cup.
Preparación del café:
Place the ground coffee in the strainer, remove the water from the heat, and pour it uniformly in circles over the coffee.
Immediately throw away the coffee grounds. Do not circulate the beverage through the grounds or reuse the grounds. Wash the filter and place in fresh water (which must be changed daily).
¡No recalientes el café!:
Serve the beverage freshly prepared and hot. Never allow coffee to boil or reheat it. It will only preserve its good taste for a maximum of an hour.


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