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Tips for being an ecological diver

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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Diving in Providencia. Photo:Dan Holden

Diving in Providencia. Photo: Dan Holden

It is easy to become an ecological diver. You need only to put into practice simple techniques concerning your body, the diving equipment, and the diving environment. Divers have a great responsibility in regard to our planet; oceans are fundamental to the equilibrium of life on this earth.


  • Floatability is essential. Do not strike the bottom of the ocean floor. Do not flap your fins against the ground or the rocks.
  • The equipment should not hang. Attach all hoses to the BC to avoid entangling or hitting the corals.
  • Do not remove anything from the sea. It takes a gorgonia a year to grow; coral takes hundreds of years to form. All materials recycle themselves in their environment. Do not touch or move anything.
  • Avoid feeding the fish.
  • Al tirar el ancla evita su garreo continuo, busca boyas de fondeo para amarrar la embarcación.
  • When throwing the anchor, avoid repeated clawing; look for buoys to tie your boat.



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