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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Malpelo. Photo: CAUT

Malpelo. Photo: Flicker user CAUT

Malpelo is a small crag located at Colombia’s westernmost tip; it emerges from the depths of the ocean, and is surrounded by eleven smaller crags.

Malpelo has been on maps since 1550, but only since twenty years ago, it abandoned its anonymity to become a natural laboratory, a sanctuary of oceanic biodiversity, and a fabulous site for lovers of the underwater.

  • Location: 506 km from the port of Buenaventura.
  • Temperature: 27°C.
  • How to get there: Diving boats, from Buenaventura, Panama, or Costa Rica.

Experiencing Malpelo

At sea

Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Malpelo. Photo: CAUT

Sharks in Malpelo Photo: Flicker user  CAUT

Diving is the only activity that can be engaged in. All the nearby sites are excellent: El Arrecife, La Nevera, La Pared del Naúfrago, Bajo de Junior, Bajo del Ancla, La Pared del Águila, Vagamares, El Sahara, and El Freezer.

The island is certified as being one of the ten top spots in the world for admiring hammerhead, white-pointer, whale, galápagos, and silk sharks, plus a deep sea species - the sunray shark - also called “the monster”, as well as countless fish species of all sizes and colors.

Where to stay:

On diving boats, which offer transportation, food, and lodging.



Calle 28A Nº 13A-15 Piso 36

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Fondo de Promoción Turistica PROCOLOMBIA

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