As a professional diver, I am marveled by the marine and ecological biodiversity of Colombia; every time I travel through the country, I discover amazing life forms.

Marcelo Garrocho,



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Diving on the Colombian Pacific Coast

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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla The meru. Photo: Sandra Bessudo

The meru. Photo: Sandra Bessudo

Along a 1,300 km coastline, the Colombian Pacific Ocean combines an exceptionally rich and varied flora distributed in lagoons, estuaries, mangrove swamps, coral formations, cliffs, sedimentary bottoms, and sandy beaches.


To the south of the border with Panama; to the north of the border with Ecuador.


Humid tropical, with heavy cloudiness and high temperatures averaging 26 to 27˚C, which may plunge to 12˚C at night.

Transportation and ports

There are only three roads, the one coming from Buenaventura, the one connecting Pasto to the port of Tumaco, and one that reaches Quibdó from Medellín and the Coffee Axis.

Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Gorgona Island. Photo:  Aviatur

Gorgona Island. Photo: Aviatur

Experiencing the Pacific

Close to 70% of the marine species of the Tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean have their habitat in Colombian waters, making the country one of the most biodiverse zones in the American Pacific.

At Sea

The largest potential is concentrated in the development of ecotourism, the enjoyment of nature, and nautical sports like diving, fishing, and surfing.

Migratory birds and over 100 permanent species are easily appreciated on the coast and the islands, in addition to several shark species and very large schools of fish.

On land

Visiting land is to become engrossed in a stunning natural world between the jungle and the sea to enjoy the jungle’s mysterious sounds and to appreciate how the tide puts on a show to make the beaches disappear and reappear.



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