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Diving equipment

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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Divers in Capurganá. Photo: Grupo Buconos

Divers in Capurganá. Photo: Grupo Buconos

Keeping your costly diving equipment in optimal conditions will increase your safety and the life of the equipment.

Most diving equipment uses rubber, plastic, and metal materials in its manufacture – all of them subject to oxidation and deterioration.  External agents, like salt, dust, dirt, heat, ultraviolet light, ozone, and smoke, affect the durability of your equipment.

Keep in mind the following advice to protect your diving equipment:


Upon finishing your immersion and prior to cleaning the regulator, dry the dust cap well and install it in the regulator yoke to avoid the entry of water droplets during the first stage. Rinse the first and second stages with plenty of water. Dry the regulator with a towel and store it in a cool dry place where the hoses will not be subjected to pressure. Make sure that the second stage is isolated or covered with a nozzle protector.


Rinse with fresh water and dry after use. Remove the boot from the cylinder, making sure no water is left in it. Make sure that after a visual inspection your tank has a label with the date of the most recent inspection stamped on it.  After diving, do not leave your tank completely empty for long periods of time to avoid the entry of humidity.

Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Photo: Flickr user Michael Keen

Photo: Flickr user Michael Keen


Wash it with fresh water and remove any dirt that could have accumulated inside during the immersion. Leave some air inside during storage.


Rinse and store in a cool place in an upright position, with paddle at top.


Wash and store in original carton, away from rubber or other materials that could affect silicone parts.

Neoprene suits, boots, and gloves

Rinse thoroughly with water, using mild soap or baby shampoo. Keep the closures of your suit and boots in optimal condition by applying some kind of lubricant, such as silicone grease or candle wax.

Lamps and cameras

Dry completely after washing and open compartments to make sure they are dry. Remove batteries to prevent oxidation. Lubricate gaskets with silicon grease for them to be ready for the next use. Store them in a clean place.

Remember to take your equipment to a trusted workshop or a manufacturer-authorized service center for maintenance.



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