As a professional diver, I am marveled by the marine and ecological biodiversity of Colombia; every time I travel through the country, I discover amazing life forms.

Marcelo Garrocho,



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Diving in Colombia

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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla Diving in Colombia is living biodiversity. Photo:

Diving in Colombia is living biodiversity. Photo:

Colombia is not only a tropical land. It possesses a gigantic aquatic garden in the Pacific Ocean and a virtually unlimited pool in the Caribbean Sea.

Indeed, our house is enormous and the only one in South America with such attractions. Located at the geographical center of the American continent, it occupies a small portion of the tropical zone, and is a country graced by abundant water, bathed by the two biggest oceans on the planet, and dotted with islands, cays, and coral reefs. Over 2,900 km of coastline, with cliffs and rocky and sandy beaches, constitute a large tourist attraction due to their expanse and color.

Colombia is one of the world’s diving marvels.

Colombia is one of the world’s diving marvels thanks to the privileged features of its two oceans, considered true living laboratories. On account of the unique adaptations of the fauna, the wealth of vegetation is home to endemic species.

Diving in Colombia involves visiting national natural parks and flora and fauna sanctuaries, traveling across extensive virgin beaches and jungles, and getting to know Indian villages and communities that preserve their ancestral traditions.

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