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San Agustín: Park of the Stone Gods

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San Agustín: Park of the Stone Gods

Bogotá, Feb. 16 (Pxp) – Located in the south of the province of Huila is San Agustin, a town of multiple tourist attractions to offer all of its visitors. One of the most emblematic ones is the Parque Arqueológico San Agustin, declared Historic and Cultural Legacy of Mankind by UNESCO in 1955.

The park exhibits 130 statues carved in stone to represent the duality of life, the sun, the moon, death and birth. There you can see ceremonial sites such as the Fuente de Lavapatas (Footwasher’s Fountain), discovered 70 years ago, which distinguishes itself for the shapes of snakes, monkeys and lizards carved in rock.

The tombs and an enormous extension of petroglyphs are also part of this place, where the ancestral and sacred come together to form impressive monolithic shapes created by the San Agustin Indians.

This archaeological park is a symbol of the province of Huila, collecting an astonishing masterpiece by the millenary cultures that once inhabited the region before the Christian times.

Although the traditional enchantment has been focused on the San Agustin parks, there are other touristic activities the place has to offer. On an exciting trek around the Magdalena River, Rafting and Kayak enthusiasts and beginners alike can find five famous routes to practice these sports, ranging from 11km to 28km distances, with 1 to 5 level rapids.

Thanks to the magical landscapes in this town in Huila, tourists can enjoy horse rides on trails leading to the hills of Chaquira and el Tablon, where in addition to nature one can appreciate one of the spiritual centers of the San Agustin culture and the impressive view formed by the Magdalena river canyon.

The Purural and La Pelota hills are tourist attractions that provide their visitors with yet another sample of the charm of San Agustin.  These hills preserve lythic figures such as those in the archaeological park.

Finally, the Magdalena straight, a geographical accident known for reducing the riverbed size from 10 meters to 2.2 meters, confirms once again that the Colombian territory is a destination with a diverse and exciting touristic offer.



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