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Colombia, a country full of history and culture, at the ITB 2011 Trade Show

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Colombia, a country full of history and culture, at the ITB 2011 Trade Show

Berlín, Mar 9. (Pxp).- The task of taking an x-ray image of the destinations of historical wealth in Colombia is a very hard one to undertake. Berlin, Mar 9. (Pxp).- Each city and town bears its own seal and legacy, which are very ingrained in their inhabitants, offering international tourists a widely varied culture within the same country.

Visitors during the 2011 ITB Trade Show will be able to see this first hand at the PROCOLOMBIA exhibition booth, where the offer of the country’s capital city, Bogota, will also be showcased; Among others, the Colombian capital city has the National Museum, one of the oldest in the continent, containing over 20 thousand different and historically valuable pieces, plus a similar number of objects from a variety of cultures. Also, Museo del Oro (The Gold Museum), located in the heart of Bogota, represents the largest gold showcase in the world. With its colonial and republican architecture, La Candelaria neighborhood was built in downtown Bogota.  

There you will find the Plaza de Bolivar (Bolivar’s Square), paying homage to the liberator Simon Bolivar, and in the vicinity the Town Hall, the Palace of Justice, the National Capitol Building (home of the Congress), the Prime Cathedral and the Cardinals' Palace.

A few meters away you will find the Casa de Nariño (the Presidential Palace) and the National Observatory, among other attractions. This is a circuit of museums, restaurants and other places of astounding beauty.

Furthermore, the Colombian capital is home to several important cultural events, such as the Ibero-American Theater Festival and the International Book Fair.

In Boyacá, less than four hours by land away from Bogotá, you will find another one of the center of the country's historical jewels: Villa de Leyva, one of the best preserved colonial towns in the country, surrounded by a landscape that tells knightly stories.

Villa de Leyva is decorated with stone-paved streets, huge mansions from the past, museums, fossils, waterfalls and caves.

More towards the northwest you can find Medellín, a modern city that preserves its tradition, culture and the history of coffee.

The beautiful view from Nutibara hill, home of the Pueblito Paisa (Paisa region town) - a replica of Medellin from the XIX century -; the outdoor exhibition of 23 masterpieces by the famous sculptor Fernando Botero in the Square that bears his name, the Antioquia Museum and Plaza Cisneros, are just a few of the places that shelter that strong, ingrained "Paisa" spirit (the name given to the people native to the coffee growing region) a very kind and hard-working community.

Cali, more towards the west of the country, is the third largest city in Colombia. The city has an excellent infrastructure and cultural offer represented by a diversity of thematic museums such as the Museum of Colonial-Religious Art, compiling and giving temporary exhibitions of catholic objects, and San Pedro, the neighborhood where the building is located.

Another very interesting museum, thanks to its architecture, activities and exhibitions, is La Tertulia Modern Art Museum, with over 300 pieces by artists from around the world, distribute through its five rooms. Moreover, it has an outdoor theater and a facade that merges the modern and the new.

Cartagena is an essential city on the Caribbean Coast, Legal Heritage for Mankind and the epicenter for major cultural events such as the Classical Music International Festival, Hay Festival and the International Movie Festival, among others.

The monuments, old cloisters, churches, bastions and vestiges of bloody battles are testimony to the invincible men and women who granted freedom to the "Heroic City”.

When the night falls, Cartagena is warm and sheds its own light, bringing the city to life and transforming it. It creates a unique atmosphere that inspires its guests and takes them on a voyage back to forgotten times on a horse-pulled carriage.

PROCOLOMBIA, the Office for Tourism Promotion in the country, supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism’s Fund for Tourism Promotion in Colombia, will participate this year at the ITB trade show with a delegation of 25 representatives from regional institutions, tour operators and hotels, with the objective of positioning Colombia in Germany and around the world. In addition, it will support entrepreneurs during the process of business creation and the strengthening of alliances with its partners.

In addition to Natural Tourism, other destinations that will be promoted at ITB 2011 are Amazonas, San Andres y Providencia, and Santa Marta, through the product Naturaleza, Sol y Playa (Nature, Sun and Beaches); Barranquilla, Bogotá, Boyacá and Cartagena de Indias, through products like Historia y Cultura (History and Culture); Cali and Medellin, through Cultura y Compras (Culture and Shopping); and the Coffee Growing Region and Santander, through products like Historia y Cultura revolving around coffee, and religious and adventure tourism.  

Close to 180 thousand people from 180 different countries in the world attend ITB annually.



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