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France talks about Colombia

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Dare to get to know Colombia

  • Article title: Osez la Colombie (Dare to get to know Colombia)
  • Magazine: Le Figaro
  • Type of magazine: online
  • Country: France
  • Date of publication: 2009
Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia

The journalist describes a marvelous Colombia, with attractive destinations for tourists from the world over. Among others, references are made to Gabriel García Márquez and Cartagena and the Sierra Nevada and Bogotá, as representative icons of the country.

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Paradise found

  • Article title: Paradis retrouvés (Paradise found)
  • Magazine: Le Monde
  • Type of magazine: printed
  • Country: France
  • Author: Laurence Picot
  • Date of publication: 2008
Paradise found

Paradise found

Chronicle of a trip that goes from the swamps of Barú to the virgin forest nearby the Sierra Nevada, and from Cartagena to Bogotá, describing the renaissance of the tourist industry in Colombia, which apart from being the most controversial country of Latin America, is catalogued as one of the best destinations for 2008.

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