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Colombia’s New Interactive Tools: “Ambassadors” and “Visibility”

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The Marketing Department of PROCOLOMBIA’s Vice Presidency for Tourism is implementing two new projects in the continuation of its efforts to promote Colombia nationally and internationally through the portal.

“Ambassadors” concerns Web 2.0 and will be implemented as an interactive phase in Colombia’s Official Tourism Portal.


“Ambassadors” concerns Web 2.0 and will be implemented as an interactive phase in Colombia’s Official Tourism Portal to allow the 600,000 cybernauts who visit the site every month to share information by means of texts, images, and videos and to exchange comments.

The information uploaded to this section will be updated automatically by visitors who will tell the world about the marvels of Colombia, its magical destinations, and all the products offered by our country.


“Visibility”, the second project, was conceived as an internal channel and will be available to PROCOLOMBIA Mundo and the Colombian tourist sector.

A tab will be created in to show users all the marketing tools, projects designed by PROCOLOMBIA’s vacational and corporate tourism managers, and news and events originating in PROCOLOMBIA’s Vice Presidency for Tourism.

Its purpose is to maintain open communication with the national tourism internal public.

These two novel products, which go hand-in-hand with cutting-edge communications technology, will make tourists interested in getting to know and to express opinions about experiences in Colombia. And they will open doors so that more people will dare to come and become acquainted with the charming, memorable Colombian land.


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