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“The Experience of Your Life” concludes successfully

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The Experience of Your Life

Following registration by 3,200 people, 12 of them were selected to come to Colombia and participate in this adventure.

From September 30 to October 9, 2009, the most ambitious strategy on the part of promotional media in Colombia was carried out. PROCOLOMBIA’s Vice Presidency for Tourism, Fox, and NatGeo came together to show the world the best of Colombia through “The Experience of Your Life”. Following a call for participation that began on September 2, 3,200 people registered to become part of “The Experience of Your Life”.

Winners of the Contest

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Winners of the Contest

The massive response on the part of the participating countries surpassed all expectations: the United States with 295 participants; Spain, 286; Brazil, 700; Venezuela, 933; Peru, 707; and Ecuador, 179.

The following were selected:

  • Hada Luz Andrade from Brazil,
  • Pedro Jareño from Spain,
  • Luisa Cuesta from Spain,
  • Narciso Cuellar from the United States,
  • Liliana Álvarez from Venezuela y
  • Fernando Alayo from Peru

They were joined by one blogger from each of those countries for ten days of magical, unforgettable experiences in Bogotá, the Café Triangle, Santa Marta, and Cartagena.

Produced by Fox Telecolombia, “The Experience of Your Life” is a docu-reality that followed the adventures of six pairs of people coming from Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, the United States, Peru, and Venezuela, while revealing Colombia’s main attractions.

The Experience of Your Life

The participants became acquainted with various aspects in each tourist destination in a unique and special manner. They spent time with Mauricio Palo de Agua, listening to his most recent hits; they picked coffee with Juan Valdés; and they enjoyed Colombian gastronomy prepared by renowned chef Leonor Espinosa. They also overflew the charming Tayrona Park by helicopter.

This contest is part of the Colombian promotional strategy we have been carrying forward; undoubtedly the most ambitious in our country’s history. We are convinced that through this promotion of our country, more foreigners will fall in love with it and will keep it in mind for their next vacation trip,” said Nubia Stella Martínez, PROCOLOMBIA’s Vice President for Tourism.

Docu-reality on the NatGeo Trip

Before the end of the year, the ten days of adventure in our country will be shown on a one-hour long episode by NatGeo Latin America and Spain, as well as by information capsules on Fox Latin America and the United States.

Through the magical experiences of these six foreign twosomes, María Cecilia Sánchez, a well known actress and TV host, will tell the world about Colombia’s major tourist attractions.

One can never imagine all the incredible things this country has. You definitely fall in love when you come. The landscapes, the food, and, above all, human warmth make Colombia a very special country,” said Pedro Jareño, the participant from Spain.

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