Five reasons to organize your wedding in Colombia

It’s not easy to choose the right place to get married. You need to find that unique and special place that has it all, from great food and decorations to the tiniest detail of your day. Because we know this moment of your life needs to be an incredible experience that will stay with you forever, here we present five reasons why Colombia is the perfect place to say, “I do.”


1. Unique landscapes for the wedding of your dreams

Colombia’s climatic diversity means the country is home to every setting you can imagine. Whether you’re looking for a glamorous beach wedding or romantic nuptials in a small colonial town in a cooler climate, you’ll find the right place for your ceremony in Colombia.

Destinations such as Cartagena, San Andrés y Providencia or Santa Marta are ideal for those searching for a warm and tropical atmosphere. Brides and grooms who prefer things a little cooler, nestled high in the mountains, will find Villa de Leyva and Bogotá excellent choices for their dream wedding.


2. The ideal ceremony for every couple

  • Although the majority of the country’s population is Catholic, you can undertake your wedding ceremony in Colombia regardless of your beliefs. In fact, if you don’t want a traditional or civil wedding

    you can opt for a symbolic union ritual performed by members of indigenous tribes from the Amazon region or La Guajira, or by spiritual leaders of other philosophical persuasions, such as in San Andrés.

    Sexual orientation is irrelevant too. In Colombia you can have the wedding of your dreams and make the moment you say, “I do,” memorable forever.


3. Musical rhythms that will make dancing irresistible


Colombia is a country where joy, kindness, music and dance are found in abundance and that makes it the best place to celebrate a union of love with the party to end all parties.You can choose from a wide variety of musical rhythms that will ensure you and your guests dance the wedding away in style. The range is wide. You can celebrate with a party that captures the high spirits of the Barranquilla Carnival, with tropical rhythms such as cumbia, porro, fandango and mapalé. You can throw some salsa into the mix too, with the world-renowned talent of the city of Cali, and across the country you’ll find orchestras who will play the greatest hits until dawn. If you want to make your party as Colombian as possible, nothing beats a vallenato group. These traditional musicians can get any party started with the most romantic sounds of both today and yesteryear, ideal for your first dance as newlyweds.


4. Delicious food for every taste

  • From the traditional dishes of each region to the most creative interpretations of the finest international cuisine, in Colombia you’ll find the catering that best fits both the theme of your wedding and the culinary preference of your guests. There’s no need to worry about the wedding cake and dessert table either. Colombia is filled with talented pastry chefs who take advantage of the country’s diverse flavors, such as the hundreds of tasty and tropical fruits grown on our soil.


5. One step away from your perfect honeymoon

  • If the ceremony and the party are important, the dream honeymoon is no less essential and Colombia has countless options to offer couples who have tied the knot. No matter whether you’re in search of a relaxing break, ecological exploration or adventure tourism, Colombia’s honeymoon destinations offer every kind of experience to ensure newlyweds enjoy their honeymoon to the max. If you have enough time, why not tour several regions and sample the unique diversity that Colombia has to offer? It’s time to stop thinking so much and allow the beauty of this wonderful country to be the ideal setting for the start of your life together.