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El Puerto Dock, Nariño -Spherical photography 360º

In the Department of Nariño in south-west Colombia we find the Laguna de La Cocha, a lake on whose shores there is one of the most picturesque little ports in Colombia - El Puerto. A line of brightly -colored houses which use the lake as a transport route for their launches. It is 40 minutes from Pasto, home of the Carnival of Blacks and Whites. There are several restaurants nearby, specializing in the cooking of rainbow trout, abundant in the crystal clear waters of La Cocha.

Queda a 40 minutos de la ciudd de Pasto, hogar del Carnaval de Negros y Blancos. A su alrededor hay numerosos restaurantes en los cuales la especialidad es la preparación la trucha arcoiris, una especia de pez abundante en las aguas cristalinas de La Cocha.

Embarcadero El Puerto, Nariño, Colombia.

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