Thanks to our vast range of habitats - cloud forest, paramos, rainforests, plains, lowlands, snowcapped peaks, even the highest coastal mountain range in the world,
we have more than 1920 species and counting!


A feathered adventure through five regions of Colombia: the Orinoquia, the Pacific Coast, the Caribbean, the Andes and the Amazon.

Five engaging stories that will take you to the depths and wonders of the biodiversity in the country #1 in bird species on earth.

#1 In bird species on earth

With more than 1920 species, this place is home to the largest number of bird collection on the planet, with 73 of them considered endemic species.


Many Destinations

The ecosystems gathered here from sea level to high up in the snowcaps are incredibly diverse. There are locations with great biodiversity: Biogeographic Choco, the Tropical Andes, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, Orinoquia, and the Amazon Region.


Cultural Experience

Birdwatching excursions can follow a tourist guide, who will include visits to native communities that are part of the country's world heritage sites, thus providing community-based tourism experiences.